Methods For Increasing School Security In Todays Scary World

September 5th, 2022

School shootings have taken center stage as of late. It seems as if a person can't turn on the news these days without hearing about another event happening. Since 1970, there have been over 1500 incidents involving the discharge of a firearm on school property. Of course, gunfire is not the only threat Bedford students, teachers, and administrators are subjected to, like drugs, bullying, and violence are also part of the equation.

Unfortunately, there is not necessarily a perfect solution to these issues. Some districts have chosen to put more police officers on campuses. Meanwhile, others have discussed allowing teachers to have handguns. Very little has been done on the federal level, as some politicians have made it clear that the problem lies in mental health. Bedford schools can't afford to sit back and do nothing, though.

As such, this post is going to focus on some of the ways they can make campuses safe and secure. So, hold your horses and don't go away just yet. Instead, interested persons should read further to learn more.

Consider Installing Indoor And Outdoor Security Cameras

Students far outnumber teachers and administrators. Hence, it is virtually impossible for the adults to keep an eye on every pupil during lunch, between classes, and at other times. Thus, bullying could be occurring right under their noses without anyone being the wiser. However, if surveillance cameras are set up, monitors can watch for suspicious and unusual activity. Then, they can react to the situation quickly to prevent it from escalating.

Plus, the footage can serve as evidence to justify disciplinary measures taken against the guilty party. Meanwhile, outdoor cameras can help persons identify shooters before they get inside the building. The action will allow them to sound the alarm, order a lockdown, or send the students in another direction to try and escape. The monitors can then contact the police to get them on the scene promptly. 

Surveillance Cameras Can Deter Burglars Too

Bedford schools have a lot of expensive equipment inside of them, such as projectors, tablets, and laptops. Not to mention, there are files containing personal information on students, employees, and parents. Therefore, the campuses can be suitable targets for thieves. With the help of a video monitoring service, the premises will be safeguarded 24/7. In many cases, just having surveillance equipment is enough to deter criminals and keep them at bay. However, should one decide to break-in anyway, the monitoring company will alert the authorities and have them investigate the situation. 

Prevent People From Walking In Off The Street With Access Control

A physical access control system can be just what the doctor ordered for keeping strangers outside the school, where they belong. Basically, the entryway remains locked during the day, and a member of the faculty has to push a button for it to open. The unit is usually paired with a security camera and intercom so that the representative can see and communicate with the person wanting entrance. These pieces can help protect students and teachers from pedophiles, drug dealers, shooters, and more.

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