Why Hotel Security Cameras Are A Good Investment

June 9th, 2022

Hotels are a home away from home. When a weary traveler checks into their Bedford hotel, a city they may not know anyone, they want to feel safe and secure. Bedford hotels do a great job by providing a comfortable environment by offering a range of amenities. However, the most important amenity to offer your guests is security. Security systems ensure that guests can enjoy their stay without having to deal with crime or unsafe conditions.

How Hotel Security Protects Guests

There are a lot of great security features that hotels can take advantage of including access control, smart locks, and security staff. One of the most valuable features is a surveillance system. Hotels have a lot of new people coming and going every day. A surveillance system can help you monitor your hotel traffic to determine who is a guest and who is an intruder. A surveillance system also acts as a deterrent against any criminal activity, whether from your guests or an intruder.

Where Should I Focus My Hotel Security?

There are many areas that can benefit from security cameras. You will not place them inside the guest rooms because that is an invasion of privacy and you can get into legal trouble. A security expert will help you understand the other areas that you won’t install surveillance cameras. However, there are definitely some areas you should always put cameras including:

  • The parking lot and any other outdoor areas
  • By all the entrances and in any pickup and drop off area
  • In the lobby and at the front desk
  • In the hallways, stairways, and elevators
  • Around any amenities like the pool, the gym, or the bar

These are a great place to start, but a professional security technician can help you identify all the areas of vulnerability at your unique establishment.

What Will A Security System Cost My Hotel?

Hotels are often much larger than standard businesses, so many hotel proprietors are concerned about the costs. The cost of a system varies greatly depending on what features you need, what technology you use, and how advanced you want your security. So it’s hard to give a price estimate without a detailed walkthrough. Fortunately, most security companies offer a free quote on pricing so you can determine what will work with your budget. However, there are some returns on the investment.

How Hotel Surveillance Saves Money

Hotel surveillance saves money in numerous ways. First, it helps you build and maintain your business because you provide a safe and comfortable experience for your guests. Secondly, it can help you save money on false premises liability and stolen items claims because it will provide evidence of the incident. Finally, insurance companies understand the cost-saving benefits of a surveillance system and will give you a discount on your premiums. In many cases, a security system pays for itself in cost savings alone.

All of these reasons make a surveillance system a great investment for any Bedford hotel. If your hotel needs a security system, make sure you work with a professional security company that specializes in hotels. They will ensure that you get all the features and benefits you need at a price you can afford.