Security Tips For Organizations In The Retail Industry

March 28th, 2022

People that decide to go into business for themselves have a bunch of industries to choose between. On many occasions, individuals elect to open retail stores or outlets. Why? Well, if Bedford proprietors appeal to the correct audience and offer the right products, they can earn a decent and comfortable living. Regardless of what the place is selling, the owner is sure to run into some troubles along the way. In other words, everything won't be sunshine and rainbows 100-percent of the time.

Shoplifting And Employee Theft Are Burdens Retailers Must Face

Employee theft, shoplifting, administrative errors, and fraud are known as shrinkage within the retail industry. Whether a dishonest worker or an organized crime ring caused the inventory shrinkage, it can wind up costing the company a lot of money in the long run. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation's 2018 Security Survey, on average, retailers lost about 1.33-percent of sales. This figure may not seem substantial, but the overall total impact in the United States was $46.8 billion in 2017. 

Not all businesses, including those right here in Bedford, can handle such losses. If they do nothing, they may have to wind up filing for bankruptcy and closing their doors for good. So, interested parties should read further to learn about some security tips that will help them nip these issues in the bud. 

Install Security Cameras To Monitor The Premises

It is impossible for employees to keep a watchful eye on every customer that comes shopping at your establishment. Plus, if they are the ones stealing, this action probably wouldn't do much good anyway. However, if cameras are in place, the recovery team is able to view who is doing what. Hence, if an issue occurs, they can spring into action and stop the criminal before the product leaves the store. Additionally, if a more severe matter were to occur, like a person coming into the building with a gun, seeing the footage early on allows one of the members to contact the police immediately.

Place The Cash Register Near The Entrance/Exit

Providing that cash register attendants aren't swamped with a long line, putting the point-of-sale terminal near the entrance, allows them to see who is entering and exiting the store as they come and go. This process can help cut down on shoplifting as well. For instance, if a consumer enters the building slim and sleek only to walk out appearing big and bulky, they could have products hidden under their clothes. The cashier can notify the loss prevention team of the situation, and with any luck, they can catch the thief in the act.

Also, it is important not to underestimate the importance of lighting. Dimly lit corners and aisles can be inviting areas for shoplifters or employees to sneak off to and line their pockets with goods. Therefore, Bedford company owners will want to repair blown bulbs and replace broken fixtures to keep unwanted incidents at bay. Use these tips and more to secure your business.

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