Keeping Your Business Secure This Winter

November 25th, 2022

Each season in Bedford, VA comes with its own security concerns. During the summer months, you’re looking at longer days, kids out of school, and more general activity throughout the day. During the winter months, you may be looking at less regular everyday activity in Bedford, VA, but longer dark hours which may provide burglars and other criminals with the cover they’re looking for to more easily carry out their crimes. It’s important to structure a security strategy that works for all seasons in Bedford, VA, winter included. 

For small to medium-sized businesses of the region, a single burglary can do a great deal of harm. As a matter of fact, the damages can even be irreparable, causing local businesses that boost the economy of the region to shut their doors for good. An investment in the right security is an investment in the overall health and well being of your business. 

Tips For Staying Secure This Winter 

A few tips can help any business of the region to stay safer this winter. These tips for better winter security for area businesses include: 

  • Keep your property shoveled and salted – If ice or snow hits the region, you could be leaving your business in a position ripe for fraudulent claims. Those who wish to take advantage of your business through a lawsuit could stage a slip and fall on your snowy or icy property, which could lead to thousands of dollars in damages. Keeping your property shoveled and de-iced during the winter months ensures you do not have hazards on your property that could lead to a lawsuit, fraudulent or legitimate.


  • Use motion-detection lighting – One very underrated security step is motion detection lighting. This lighting is activated when sensors detect motion, which sheds light on an area and gives off the impression of activity within a building or on a property. With daylight hours shorter in the wintertime, motion detection lighting makes vacant areas seem occupied and takes away a burglar’s cover of darkness. 

  • Indoor and outdoor security cameras – Security cameras are a must for any business in the area, and this rings true no matter the time of year. With security cameras, you can keep your eyes on your business property no matter where you are, or no matter what time of day it might be. The presence of security cameras also acts as a highly effective crime deterrent, as the main objective for any criminal is to carry out their acts without getting caught. Today’s security cameras are more high tech and user-friendly than ever. 

Year-Round Security For Year-Round Success 

With security covered year-round, you’ll place yourself and your business in a much better position for success. With a professional touch, you’ll know you have just the security strategy that works best for you and your business no matter what season it may be. If you’re ready to get your security ready for the winter season, call us for more information today.